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Do you like stardust and sorcery, moonlight and magic, spaceships and supernatural secrets? Well so do I. In my debut novel, THE INFINITE MILES, I paid homage to Doctor Who while exploring themes of queerness, grief, and self-acceptance through the story of a space-loving waitress and a time-and-space-traveling grump. You can bet the next one will be just as weird.

I am a former literary agent who represented award-nominated and NYT Bestselling authors. I hope to be working on books, mine or not, for as long as the industry will let me.

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Hannah Fergesen

70's Groovy Element Lined

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70's Groovy Element Lined

“The ensuing time-travel romp takes this unlikely pair from the modern day to 1970s New York City to far-flung alien planets, but Fergesen grounds their travels in fleshed-out interpersonal dynamics and lovely explorations of friendship, anger, and remorse…Readers will be swept away by this rollicking adventure.”

- Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

“A clever, joyous, irresistible romp across time and space, full of characters you can’t help but root for. This book is for anyone who’s ever dreamed of the stars.”

- Grace D. Li, New York Times bestselling author of Portrait of a Thief

“Never meet your heroes—even the fictional ones. The Infinite Miles is a wild and unforgettable ride through time and space that lures you in with nostalgia and sharply turns to unpredictable and unforgettable places. Hannah Fergesen’s debut is a cosmic achievement.”

- Adam Silvera, #1 New York Times bestselling author of They Both Die at the End

“Fergesen is the master of atmospheric storytelling. This book will wrap tightly around your soul and haunt you with its beauty. And if you are a fellow author, you will grit your teeth with jealousy because no one weaves atmosphere quite like Fergesen does. I savored this dark beauty slowly and am in need of another Fergesen book soon!”

- Jesse Q. Sutanto, New York Times bestselling author of Dial A for Aunties

"This “time-traveling sci-fi odyssey” about friendship and evil aliens is aimed at fans of Kelly Link and/or Dr. Who. In other words: It’s fun and weird.

- Philadelphia Inquirer

“A reality-bending adventure through space, time, and a very particular kind of nostalgia, The Infinite Miles is both incredibly fun and incredibly poignant.”

- Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

"For anyone who grew up watching Doctor Who, and then kept watching well into adulthood, Hannah Fergesen’s sci-fi debut pulls those heartstrings of yearning for timey-wimey adventure."

- LitHub

70's Groovy Element Lined

To save the future, she must return to the beginning.

Fans of Claudia Gray and Kelly Link will love Hannah Fergesen’s wild and poignant debut—a wacky time-traveling sci-fi odyssey wrapped in an elegiac ode to lost friendship and a clever homage to Doctor Who.

Three years after her best friend Peggy went missing, Harper Starling is lost. Lost in her dead-end job, lost in her grief. All she has are regrets and reruns of her favorite science fiction show, Infinite Odyssey.

Then Peggy returns and demands to be taken to the Argonaut, the fictional main character of Infinite Odyssey. But the Argonaut is just that … fictional. Until the TV hero himself appears and spirits Harper away from her former best friend. Traveling through time, he explains that Peggy used to travel with him but is now under the thrall of an alien enemy known as the Incarnate—one that has destroyed countless solar systems.

Then he leaves Harper in 1971.

Stranded in the past, Harper must find a way to end the Incarnate’s thrall … without the help of the Argonaut. But the cosmos are nothing like the technicolor stars of the TV show she loves, and if Harper can’t find it in herself to believe—in the Argonaut, in Peggy, and most of all, in herself—she’ll be the Incarnate’s next casualty, along with the rest of the universe.

EVENTS and Appearances

Polaroid Camera

JUNE 22nd • 7 pm • Book Culture 112th, NYC


In conversation with

Casey McQuiston, author of ONE LAST STOP

Details found Here

JULY 21st • Petals and Pages Bookstore • Englewood, CO

An INFINITE MILES event in conversation with Meg Conley, writer and creator of the popular newsletter "homeculture" - Meg has been published in NYT, Huffpost, the Guardian, and more!

70's Groovy Element Lined
70's Groovy Element Lined

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For domestic or translation inquiries, please contact my literary agent, Victoria Marini of Volume Five Literary at the HighLine Collective

Victoria @ volumefivelit . com.

For Film/TV inquiries, please contact Will Watkins at CAA.

For interview requests, appearances, and other publicity inquiries, please contact Rebecca Malzahn at Blackstone Publishing

rebecca . malzahn @ blackstonepublishing . com