Currently on submission: OPIUM CIRCUS, YA Fantasy:

Maggie Darling lost everything when Republic soldiers, led by a man named Red Richter, decimated her town ten years ago: her twin sister, her famous explorer parents, her beautiful village. All because her parents helped the Republic find Black Diamond, a mineral that had the potential to fuel the entire continent. But when Black Diamond proved more dangerous than anyone could have imagined, the Darlings fled, and the Republic came looking.

A decade later, her parents have never resurfaced, and Maggie has been in hiding, left to stew in the memory of what happened that night. She is determined to avenge her family, but she’s bound where she is by one problem: she possesses a notebook penned by the Darlings, a guide to finding the location of Black Diamond. The Republic would do anything to get their hands on it. Maggie must protect what her village burned to keep secret.

But when the circus comes to town, everything changes.

OPIUM CIRCUS follows Maggie as she joins Rialdo’s Wishing Circus, using a knife-throwing act to hide in plain sight while the circus travels North, toward the capital. It seems like Maggie’s revenge might be imminent when she learns the circus has been asked to perform for the birthday party of Red Richter’s daughter. But Maggie’s plan for vengeance faces complications—the mysterious tattooed boy who also lost his family in the Terrebonne massacre, the beautiful girl Maggie is falling for but may be unable to trust, and the fact that it seems someone on the circus train knows who she is, what she wants, and all about the item she’s been protecting for ten years.

Also Available: LIGHTNING IN WINTER, YA Fantasy

Oliver Gylden only wants one thing: to become a Tinker’s apprentice so he can invent revolutionary devices. His dreams do not include being embroiled in a war between two nations whose opposing beliefs have caused decades of bloodshed. But when dragon-like creatures, created by magic and pieced together with reanimated flesh, destroy his village in a brutal attack, that’s exactly what he gets. Oliver barely escapes the assault, even with the help of Grif, his high-spirited best friend, and Marya, the girl he has secretly loved for years. But Marya has been keeping secrets of her own, secrets that could explain the attacks and shape the outcome of the war. And now that they’re on the run, someone is after them. Someone who knows the truth. Rooted in Russian history and folklore, LIGHTNING IN WINTER is a YA fantasy set in a richly realized world on the brink of complete devastation. Marya, Oliver, and the spy who follows them must battle each other, the elements, and their own fates in a world where the line between right and wrong is increasingly blurry.

For inquiries about my writing, please contact Jim McCarthy at Dystel and Goderich Literary Management.