right here Natalie Pembroke lost her twin brother when she was young. Together, they loved an obscure children’s book series called THE HARPER CHILDREN GO TO PERIPHERY. Since his death, she’s become even more obsessed with the books, even attending an annual book event on the anniversary of its publication. It’s at one of these events that she meets Jenna Hallow, the great-great-great granddaughter of the writer, and lover of the books herself. Leander Korexianos, Natalie’s best friend and rock through hard times, believes Jenna’s intentions aren’t honorable. And when Jenna uses Natalie to open a portal to the world of Periphery, a world you can only get to after a Near Death Experience, he’s proven right. He follows the two of them in – and they’re all promptly separated.

rencontrer une fille sur facebook Natalie, desperate to find her brother, whom she’s become convinced is here, seeks the fabled Minister, a man who can see everything, for answers. But first, she must find Leander and Jenna. Which is easier said than done with the death of the tyrant on the throne has been predicted by the Minister, and those who would take her place are much, much worse.

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